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Manufacturer Printable Coupon,Save $2 on any single Zicam product; limit 1 coupon per household,Cold and Flu Drug Savings Coupon.

Zicam offers an extensive product line to help you get over your cold faster. Choose from a variety of forms and great-tasting flavors. Use this $2 off coupon to try any Zicam cold product to fight back and win this cold season.

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Prices for 30 tablets of Ziac 5mg/6.25mg is from $140.00–$150.00.

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Other knowledge

During cold exercise
Just cold, not take advantage of uncomfortable to play basketball, running, frankly origin profusely, so that the symptoms of the common cold to alleviate some of the results of the campaign so small cold become more serious.

Exercise, you will sweat a lot, the body of toxins from faster surface, can temporarily relieve the symptoms of colds, but will become a small “hidden”, about 24 hours after intense exercise appear immune suppression, and during that time, the immune cells began to “strike” rest nursed back to health, The flu virus invasion of the body, is in need of the immune system fight it, no immune cells, cold germs naturally exceptionally wild is likely to make The evolution of a small cold as viral myocarditis, pneumonia, rheumatism. Resistance to metabolism after exercise will be relatively strong some, such a large body of sugar, fat, protein consumption, will weaken the body's resistance, “fragile” in a crowded sports occasions, often can not withstand any bacteria attack, adding to the degree of cold.

Enhance the body's own disease resistance is the best approach for the prevention of acute upper respiratory tract infection. If we insist on appropriate physical exercise regularly, adhere to the cold bath, improve the body's ability to disease prevention and adaptability cold. Good cold, avoid inducement. The law of life, to avoid fatigue, especially at night overworked. Note respiratory isolation of patients, to prevent cross-infection.

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