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Other knowledge

Causes of constipation in children

1. the regular diet is not enough: children’s food intake is too low, after digestion, intestinal residue in less stool reduction in milk sugar shortage in the fecal dry a long time inadequate diet, malnutrition caused by abdominal and intestinal muscles weak, low tension, creeping weakness leading to intractable constipation.
2. the food is not for kids: constipation with close ties to food ingredients, such as excessive and insufficient carbohydrate protein content in foods so that effect reduced intestinal fermentation fermenting, stools and alkaline, drying cause constipation.Food (such as milk) containing large amounts of casein, in stool caused by weight of insoluble calcium soaps containing faeces increased, easier to constipation.
3. bowel dysfunction: irregular because of life and defecation, weakened or defecation reflex formation do not form; intestinal muscle relaxation and constipation.Some can make the intestinal wall weakened drugs or diseases, functional disorders of muscular tension and sympathetic trunk not functioning properly can cause constipation.
4. genetic and physical defects: after some children with constipation.Family history, may be related to genetics.
5. mental factors: sudden mental stimulation, such as changes in the living environment can result in a shorter time with constipation.

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