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There are two coupons for Loestrin 24 in 2022:
Coupon Value and Save: Pay no more than $25 with Loestrin 24 Coupon

How Does It Work:

Please NOTE: LOESTRIN 24 Fe is no longer being manufactured. MINASTRIN 24 Fe is bioequivalent to LOESTRIN 24 Fe.

Download online or Call 1-866-395-8367 to get this Coupon,Ask your physician for the Loestrin 24 FE savings card

Note: This card is available online. You can get it online or by calling Warner Chilcott at 1-866-395-8367. They will activate one for you over the telephone.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION about Loestrin 24 Fe: Oral contraceptives are not for everybody. Most side effects are not serious and those that are occur infrequently. Serious risks, which can be life threatening, include blood clots, stroke and heart attacks, and are increased if you smoke cigarettes. Cigarette smoking increases the risk of serious cardiovascular side effects, especially if you are over 35.

Women who use oral contraceptives should not smoke.Some women should not use the Pill, including women who have or have had blood clots, certain cancers, a history of heart attack or stroke, as well as those who are or may be pregnant. Oral contraceptives do not protect against HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Prices for 1 package (28 chewable tablets) of Minastrin 24 FE 1mg/20mcg is from $100.00–$110.00.

Where To Get This Offer?

Follow this Loestrin 24 Manufacturer coupon link to get this offer:
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Above link is Manufacturer Coupon.

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Other knowledge
Reviews for Loestrin-24

Helped Make my Periods Normal Again

I’ve been experiencing period problems since I was a teenager. Over the counter medications never really worked, but they’re not working hardly at all anymore. My bleeding was so heavy that I couldn’t worry about going anywhere without it leaking. Even the heavy pads wouldn’t keep all the fluid in.The pain was overwhelming as well. I couldn’t get out of bed my entire period, until maybe the last day and that was a big if! I missed out on a lot of fun times with my friends. I was ready to seek professional hlp and hopefully get a real medication solution. My doctor put me on Loestrin 24. It’s a birth control that not only prevents pregnancy, but also controls periods. I took the pills for a month and by the time my second period came around, I felt so much better! I noticed my PMS wasn’t as bad either. The cramps weren’t as bad so my mood changed dramatically. By that second month, after the first day of my period, I could go out and have fun without worrying about really heavy bleeding. Love these pills!
—-Jamie Katherine

Important Notice: These drugs reviews maybe helpful, but can not substitute for the expertise, skill, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners in patient care.

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  1. Kaleigh Duncan says

    I was unable to get a savings card, because the doctors office ran out of cards. How can we get a card? Or is there a website I can access to at least get a one time use until a card is available. Thank you, Kally

  2. bryan white says

    and rxpharmacycoupons.com. Reply trying to use either coupon to pay not more than $24 also the mention to save 50%. Yes, I have a portion of my prescriptions paid but because this is a Dispense As Written (use brand name). I pay $65 for 3. Seems like these coupons would be of some value even with a hefty co-pay. Both replies were to the effect “manufacturer says the coupons do not allow for the reduction of a co-pay.” Seems like there should be some value in these coupons, there was on prior occasions.

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