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LamisilAT Cream is applied twice a day for 1 week to treat athlete’s foot between the toes. Apply twice a day for 2 weeks to treat athlete’s foot on the bottom or sides of the feet.

Prices for 30 tablets of Lamisil 250mg is from $650.00–$670.00.

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Other knowledge

Tinea Pedis prevention

For patients suffering from hand and foot tinea pedis, Onychomycosis and tinea capitis, active treatment, avoid ringworm with the other patients, diseases of animals in close contact. Avoid indirect contact with used towels, bathtub, etc.

For tinea should wear loose clothes, fully dry after bath, weight reduction, valet of contaminated clothing and linen, as well as local use of powder. Patients with tinea pedis, mostly through contacts or contacts of patients with Tinea disease transmission, such as dogs and cats, wearing clothing and touching of patients with tinea pedis, also can cause Tinea. In summer when the weather is very hot and humid, the body also significantly increase in perspiration, particularly within the unit, if we do not have time to wash or wear clothes too tight, sweat cannot evaporate in a timely manner, it is easy for tinea. Diabetes and long-term use in patients with cortical steroids hormones who is also very vulnerable to suffering from tinea.

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