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Many people have experienced irregularity or have been constipated at one time or anotherat those times, many have turned to Dulcolax.

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Other knowledge

Common causes of habitual constipation

1, poor diet composition: If rice is too fine, eat too little, containing fiber in particular digestive tract too little fiber, such as vegetables, fruits, grains, fats and oils are too short, such as inadequate drinking water.

2, poor bowel habits: to relieve himself without bowel movements in a timely manner, inhibition. Habit of defecation read when not active bowel.Relying on laxatives bowel or abusing laxatives, intestinal discharge reduced sensitivity.

3, life without rules, when daily defecation in unplanned settlements, lack of sleep or sleep for a long time.Long distance travel or for busy (stewardess) did not develop time defecation habits.

4, old and frail defecation were unable to multiple pregnancy the body physically too weak, diaphragm, abdominal muscle, intestine smooth muscle weakness, difficulties can cause defecation.

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