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Other knowledge

Folic acid

Foods containing folic acid a lot, but because of natural folic acid are extremely unstable, vulnerable to sunlight, heat and oxidation occurs, so the body can get folate from food is not that much. Bioavailability of folic acid is low, at around 45%. Synthesis of folic acid in a few months or years can remain stable, easily absorbed and high human use, about about 1 time times higher than the natural product.

Folic acid was initially extracted from the liver extract, method of synthesis used to produce now. Folic acid synthesis route is traditional to Nitro-benzoic acid as raw material by the acyl chloride, condensation, reduction, rings collection made. The process long, low yields and high production costs. Four methoxy propyl alcohol and n-benzoyl-l-glutamic acid as raw material and three amino pyrimidine folic acid sulfate reacts, 75% of total yield, purity 98%.

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